Monday Gymnastic/midline

Warm up

3 rounds:
10+10 Big arm circles (Forward/Backward)
5 Push ups to downward dog pose
20 Alt single leg RDL with kettle bell
30sec Bottom of the squat hold



Practice one or two of the movements for 10 min

1 kick up to wall

2 Kick up, move one hand at a time up and down from the floor

2 kick up and walk 1-2 step to wall

3 kick up and walk 1m to wall

4 kick up and walk on the floor

Press hands and shoulders from the floor, tighten yourself as you do before a lift



4 rounds, TC 20min
400m Run
Handstand walk
20 Alt DB Hang Clean and Jerk 22,5/15kg


L1: With a weight vest, 10m hs walk, 30/22,5kg

L2: 10m hs walk

L3: 5m hs walk

L4: 2,5m hs walk, 15/10kg BD

L5: Walk into wall 1-4 times or 1min wall handstand, 10/7kg DB or KB


Tuesday Endurance

Warm up

3 rounds:
10+10 DB or Bodyweight single keg RDL
10 Inchworms
20 Air squats
30sec Hollow hold

5+4+3 Jumping pullups, kipping, strict


Prepare for metcon



Hero wod “Bulger” TC 35min

10 rounds for time

150 m run

7 Chest to bar

7 Front squats 61/43kg (from floor)

7 Handstand push ups


L1: -

L2: Pull ups, 43/30kg, 4 handstand push ups

L3: Banded pull ups OR Ring row, 30/20kg, Push ups

Team option:

L1T: In teams of 2, both run together, alternating the movements every round

L2T: As L1T, regular pull ups, 43/30kg, HSPU from box

L3T: As L1T, banded pull ups OR ring row, 30/20kg, push ups


Wednesday Squat /Oly

Warm up 12-15 min

2 rounds
90sec Machine of your choice
5/3 Strict pull ups
15 Hip bridges
30sec Handstand hold


2 rounds with 3-5 reps on each movement, with an empty barbell

Snatch grip deadlift

Snatch high pull

Power snatch

Overhead squat

Hang squat snatch

Squat snatch


Skill/Strength 20min

Take 5 min to build up to first weight


3 sets of

Squat snatch
(Try to increase within sets)
3 reps at 50kg, 2 reps at 60kg, 1 rep at 70kg

3 reps at 55, 2 reps at 65, 1 rep at 75kg

3 reps at 60, 2 reps at 70, 1 rep at 80kg

This is an example of a person’s weights, in this example his/her PR are around 90kg



21 Wallballs 9/6kg

15 Deadlift 80/55kg

9 Toes to bars


L1: 100/70kg

L2: -

L3: 60/40, Hanging knee raises

L4: 6/4kg WB, 50/35kg, situps


Thursday Gymnastic/midline

Warm up

Within 6 min complete
40 High knees
40 Mountain climbers
20 Scapula push ups
30sec Active bottom of the squat hold


Set up for metcon and warm up to snatch weight



Mini competition, 4 scored events

10 min AMRAP

20 Cal row

15 Burpee box jump overs 

10 Snatches 

*score is reps

L1: 61/43kg, high boxes 

L2: 50/35kg

L3: 35/25kg, box step overs

L4: 30/20kg, low boxes

Rest 2 min 

Within 8min

800m run

Remaining time find 3RM Front squat from floor

*2 scores time and weight

L1: Weight must start at 80/55kg

L2: Weight must start at 60/40kg

L3: Weight must start at 40/30kg

L4: Remaining time: Dumbbell squat cleans 2x15/10kg 

Rest 2 min

EMOM 5min


Remaining time every round do amraps clean & jerks

*score is completed C&J

L1: Strict, 70/47,5kg 

L2: 50/35kg

L3: Box handstand push ups, 40/30kg

L4:  Push ups, alternating dumbbell clean &jerk 15/10kg








Saturday Strength, Squat/Oly

Warm up

2 rounds of
AMRAP 4 min
20 Plate hops or 40 Jumping jacks
20 Banded pull aparts

10 Burpees or 5 Wall walks

1 Jump up and hold 3-5 sec in rope
2 min walking rest between amraps

Controlled tempo


Set up and prepare for metcon



Every 5 min, 8 rounds (40min)

400m run

1 Rope climb

21 Double unders

9 Wallballs 9/6kg

4 Dumbbell complexes, alternating 22,5/15kg

*DB Complex

1 Snatch+ 1 thruster+ 1 hang clean and jerk


L1: legless rope climb, 30/22,5kg DB

L2: -

L3: jump up and hold for 5 sec in rope, 10 double unders, 15/10kg DB

L4: 5 hanging knee raises, 21 single unders, 6/4kg WB, 10/7kg DB or KB clean and jerks



No sessions on due to Easter holiday










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