Saturday Gymnastic/midline

Warm up 10min
Tabata x 2 sets each of:
20 seconds work followed by 10 seconds rest = 1 set, and total of 8 rounds
First tabata

Single-arm plank
Alternating lateral Lunges
Single-arm plank, other arm
Air squats

Second tabata
Hollow hold
Plank shoulder taps
Bear crawl



EMOM 15 min

Min 1: 10-30 sec top of ring hold

Min 2: 1-6 strict pull ups

Min 3: 10-30 sec bottom ring hold

Min 4: Rest OR 1 Turkish get up with a weight of your choice



For time, time cap 12 min

Start with deadlifts and burpees

100 wallballs 9/6kg for time

Break every 2 min and complete

8 Deadlift 60/43kg

8 Burpee box jump overs


L1: 80/55kg


L3: 5 deadlift 50/35kg and burpees

L4: 6/4kg wallball, 5 deadlift 50/35kg and burpees




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