Sunday Endurance

Warm up

800m run

30m lunges

20 ring row

10 push ups



Warm up with some dumbbell squat cleans and 1 minute of rowing before starting the metcon



Metcon TC 35-45min

4x1000m row

4x500m row

4x250m row

After you complete one distance do 6 Dumbbell squat cleans 2x22,5/15kg

Ex: 1000m row then 6 Dumbbell squat cleans


L1: 3 Sandbag clean over shoulder: 90/68kg sandbag clean after every 1000m, then 68/45kg after 500m, 45/30kg after every 250m. No sandbag? Do squat cleans 90/60kg-70/45kg-50/35kg

L2: -

L3: 2x15/10kg

L4: 4 kettlebell squat clean 24/16kg





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